Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships

Powerman is the premier label for long distance duathlons. This run-bike-run race was first introduced to Malaysia in 2002. With over 16 years of presence, E-Plus Global, the holding company of E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd has taken up the challenge of hosting the series in Malaysia since 2016.

Today, Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships – Malaysia is the most participated Powerman series. Attracting both international and local participants, it has recorded more than 3400 participants. The race, since 2016, is being hosted in Putrajaya and has extended to a two-days event in 2018. With its growing participants, it is likely that Malaysia is set to retain its title of “The Largest Participation of Duathlon Championships in Malaysia”.

Putrajaya Malaysia is an iconic location with wide roads and iconic buildings. Located close to the International Airport and coupled with its facilities, Putrajaya is one of the best location to host an event of such size as it can cater to 40km of Running and Cycling courses.